Optimal Timing


Optimal timing for Issuance depends on market sentiments towards the city and the municipal bonds in general.

A line graph representing the frequency to which the word “municipal bond” is mentioned throughout different social media platforms. The topic peaked early in the month.

The overall sentiment towards the word “municipal bond” by percentage. Over 50% of the population has positive feelings about municipal bonds.

A heat map describing the frequency to which other words are mentioned in-conjunction with “municipal bonds”. School is co-mentioned the most. Followed by bridges.

A bar graph showing the sources of our data retrieval. A majority of the cases that contained the word “municipal bond” were pulled from social media news articles.

A network map showing what each states sentiment is in relation to others.

This map describes where most of the content is coming from. New York has the most authors of content containing the word municipal bonds. We can drill down further and find out for instance what the sentiment and co-mentions are in each state and county