Research Tools

Par Amount by State. This describes which states are issuing the largest and smallest amount of par value over geographic regions.

Count of Issuer and Par Amount by Financial Adviser. This describes which Financial Adviser’s are issuing the most bonds indicative by the size of the boxes.

Individual Fees and Expenses by Fiscal Year. This illustrates how each individual fee associated with the cost of issuance changes over time.

Count of Issuer and Par Amount by Firm Role. This shows how certain firm roles correlate with the bond type in respect to par amount.

Par Amount by Underwriter and Role. This identifies each underwriter and their firm role in relation with par amount.

Par Amount by Role. A representation of the par amount percentage with respect to the firm role.

Par Amount by Underwriter. Illustrates which underwriters are issuing the largest par amount, indicated by size of the bubble.

Par Amount and Underwriter by Role. Describes each underwriters total par amount in relation to the firm role.

Par Amount and Total Cost of Issuance by Client Type. Shows individual client types par amount (left) and total cost of issuance(right).

Allowable Interest Earnings over time. This is a time-series forecast which predicts the allowable amount of interest you are able to earn, by examining past data.

Decision Tree classifier. This is a visual representation of a model that was created to aid in the prediction of contracted deals. The model takes into consideration the bid/deal type, bond type, client type and total cost of issuance to arrive at a decision