Budget & Debt


For the fiscal year ending in 2017, Total Revenue for all funds equaled $130,663,079. The majority of revenue came from Charges for Services and Taxes. Total expenditures for all funds equaled $137,183,791, with the majority originating from Capital Outlay.


The city of Fife, WA has had an increase in both revenue and expenses for 2017, compared to the previous year. The city of Fife, WA incurred the most amount of expenses durng fiscal year 2010 and generated the highest revenue in 2011.


For fiscal year 2017, the City of Fife, WA had a total of $7,720,000 in outstanding general obligation debt, which $2,504,501 had been serviced. That year Fife, WA had reached 5% of their general obligation debt capacity.

Tax Rate

There has been an increase in Assessed Valuation for the City of Fife, WA since 2015. The levy rate has declined from the previous year and is 1.49% for 2017.